FISH is more than food


     FISH provides thousands of people and families with temporary emergency help to meet a variety of vital needs.
     FISH buys medications, helps with overdue utility bills, arranges for dental care and eye exams, buys propane, and helps the unemployed get shoes and clothing they need for a new job.
     Churches team up with FISH to give away food each weekday. People call the FISH line (636-1100) between 9 a.m. and noon to learn how to get food that day.
     In a typical month last year, 597 households containing 2,000 people received food from FISH churches. Anyone who asks for food may participate.
     Some FISH churches prepare bags and boxes of food based on the number of people in a household. Others have people “shop” for food. All churches strive to provide enough food for 9 meals for each family member.
     FISH allows people to get food up to three times a month.





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Other FISH services

     People with financial emergencies call FISH for help with a variety of needs.
FISH works with local businesses and agencies that bill FISH directly. Clients are never given money. Here are some of the ways FISH helps people.

Prescriptions: FISH pays for non-narcotic prescription drugs, primarily antibiotics and medications that are not needed month after month.

Eyeglasses: FISH helps pay for eye exams and glasses.

Water Bills: FISH will pay a portion of an overdue water bill to prevent a household’s water service from being turned off.

Electric bills: If funds are available, FISH helps pay overdue electric bills. This service is available only in months when other electrical-bill programs are idle.

Propane and Firewood: FISH buys propane or firewood for people who use either as a source of cooking or heating.

Dental Care: FISH, in partnership with the Family Health Center Dental Clinic, pays for emergency dental care.

Job Assistance: FISH will help people obtain tools they need for a new job, such as work boots, special clothing and food handler permits.

Unusual Requests: FISH offers help with a variety of other emergency needs on a case-by-case basis. Volunteers are encouraged to use their discretion when they get unusual requests for help.

zd FISH’s utility-assistance program is funded in
part by a generous grant from the Waldon M.
Groves Fund, which is administered by the
Community Foundation of Southwest
Washington (


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