Help people from your home

     FISH of Cowlitz County needs telephone volunteers for three-hour shifts once or twice a month. Volunteers work from home, using a land line or cell phone (even one with a long-distance area code).
     They answer phone calls forwarded anonymously from the FISH help line.

Morning Telephone Volunteer
     From From 9 a.m. to noon the volunteer takes names of people requesting food. He or she gets names of callers and tells them which FISH church is distributing food that day.
      The volunteer also calls or emails the church with names of clients and the number of people in each household.
     Morning volunteers normally take one or two shifts per month and have the option of trading shifts, which are assigned monthly.

Afternoon Telephone Volunteer
     From 1 to 4 p.m. the volunteer helps people with emergency needs that they cannot afford. He or she deals with a variety of needs, such as filling a prescription, getting emergency dental care, paying overdue water bills, buying work boots, and getting propane.
     The volunteer calls businesses and agencies to get people what they need.
     Afternoon volunteers normally take one or two shifts per month and have the option of trading shifts, which are assigned monthly.

Please consider giving your time to help others in need
     We will train you, and give you a handbook that spells out job details. To learn more, click on the “Contact FISH page” or simply email .

‘I am grateful for the help I can give’

FISH phone volunteers reflect on their meaningful work.

“Volunteering for FISH is one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve been involved in since retirement — and from the comfort of my own home! This is a wonderful opportunity to give to people who are at risk in our community.”Diana

“When a person calls and says that this is their first time asking for help, I can hear their trepidation. Helping put them at ease and giving them information is easy to do, but it is huge for them. It is nice to know that something so easy for me to do can be a real help for someone else.”Debbie

“For the small monthly investment of a few hours of my time, I reap the reward of helping people in our community in a very tangible way. To be able to help put food on the table of those in need, especially the children, brings me great joy. It’s truly a blessing from God.”Maureen

“I like volunteering for FISH because it gives me a way to get involved in my community and obey God’s word such as in Jeremiah 29:7: ‘Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you.’

It gives me more contact with people that need help than I have by myself and FISH also has an effective structure that limits abuse.”

“It’s amazing how volunteering a few hours a month changes your outlook on life. I believe what FISH is doing is appreciated by our clients and I’m grateful for the help I can give. It’s time well spent.”Geri



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